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22 November, 2018

How do we look at our competition?

Generally, every owner complains about the number of permits regarding LA has been exponentially increasing, affecting daily business and investments, not only in occupancy rates but in average income as well.

Which, frequently, raises the following question:

How do we look at our competition and analyze it in a way to determine the best path to improve our performance?

When should we start seeing the bigger picture and start accepting the challenge of thinking outside the box?

I share with you a YouTube video that depicts precisely this: the larger our knowledge about our problem, the larger the ability to solve it.

 (Because it is not a native video, but a video loaded on the page, the scope of this publication will be affected, since the Facebook algorithm clearly does not benefit. So, share with your friends, owners, AL holders and place an emoji to reflect what you think! )

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